1. When is the abhiyan reaching ayodhya?

It is proposed to reach after traveling across India by Dec 2023

2. How will the donations fund be put to use?

20% will be put to the use of administrative expenses. Balance will be used for completing the Travel to Ayodhya through paduka darshan and performing a pooja on reaching Ayodhya and establishing the same at Ayodhya.

3. What are the other objectives of the Trust?

Restoration of temples, Sanathana dharma, religious activities, conducting veda classes, spiritual discourses, reviving poojas to idols at temples which needs support, a library, arranging yatras Etc.

4. What will happen to the surplus money collection during abhiyaan?

The expenses incurred for this abhiyaan is huge and if any surplus is available, it will be put to use, for the above objectives.

5. What is the Mahaprasadam ?

Consists of waters of Brahmaputra,Pranahita, Sindhu, Gandaki, Bheemarathi, Poorna, Tamarabarani, Godavari, Cauvery, Saraswathi, Tungabhadra, Krishna, Ganga,Sarayu, Yamuna and Narmada-16 holy rivers of India whose water is collected from its ugama sthana - the source of the rivers, and and the holy sand from these river beds,Lord Rama's Paduka,A beautiful image of Pattabhi Rama,Kumkum and Turmeric and a small lamp. (in some boxes) This is kept in a nicely made box, which has obtained the pooja from the Jagadguru's and many families by travelling to each and every household, or a business entity like schools, colleges, organisations, trusts, companies, shops, etc. This box travels in our van with a crew to reach the people's place who have registered on the app or invited us to visit their home, and is welcomed with due respect and placed on the peetam readied for this purpose at their places. The family along with their friends and family perform the pooja, and also sing Naamasankeerthanam or Bhajans. After the Pooja, the Box is given a send off with Maha Mangalarathi and it travels to the next place who has registered.

Like this, it collects the Naama Japa, spreads oneness and moves on its onward journey with the prayers resonating as tarangini to reach the Abode of Sri Rama at Ayodhya.


6. Why the symbol water and sand?
  1. River water is considered holy as per Hindu Scriptures and is a part of all rituals and ceremonies. Rivers are considered as Deities and respected and celebrated.
  2. Rivers are the only witness for humankind from the time of one's birth till one's moksha or liberation.It has seen men flourish and become extinct.
  3. And riverbeds are where civilization began. The sand becomes holy, as it has been treaded by many Avathara Purushas like Rama, Krishna,Govinda, and others.
  4. Similarly, many saints and Gurus and their pada dhuli are as auspicious as their blessings. Also the river beds are banked by spiritual places which have positive vibrations.
  5. Worship of these brings positivity, peace and wellbeing.
7. How and Where did it start?

The Maha Abiyan was conceptualised and blessed by the Jagadguru's of Sringeri and the journey started from Anjanadri Hills-Birthplace of Lord Hanuman. As soon as it was conceptualised, our teams with their families went to the Ugamasthanas of the divine rivers ,performed pooja to the water collected in the kalash and brought to Anjanadri Hills, and there it took its first pooja from the Jagadgurus and started its onward journey to reach one crore households.

8. What to expect?

The People on registration will find our vehicle, which brings the Maha prasadam which is a huge box, with waters and sand of holy rivers along with paduka and small idols of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita and Hanuman. The family will welcome the box with arti, and arrange a peeta for the Mahaprasad, and would have invited neighbours, families and friends. who together conduct the Pooja, and arrange Namasankeerthana, or sing Bhajans, or chants. All the chants and poojas add vibrations to the Mahaprasadam and also since it has been worshipped by many Gurus, blessed people, all the positivity of the previous Poojas are carried to their homes, and gives a sense of satisfaction to the family.

9. How to participate?

By registering their names in the app, you are inviting the mahayana to travel to your place. There are no charges for registration. The intention is to get one crore families to perform the pooja. The pooja expenses or arrangements is to be done by the people themselves.

10. What is the symbolic miniature?

The miniature of the big box in small sizes made of silver or bronze, a replica designed, if people want to have this product for their daily worship. To buy the product click here https://sriramamritatarangini.com/ shopnow

11. How to download the app?

Go to the Google Play Store and download the app tarangini

12. How to contribute?

Monetary, Physically, or by passing the information or links of this information to others, or referring others to conduct the pooja at their homes or business places, helping in the onward journey by providing accommodation to the crew, or sponsoring the arrangements when the mahayaga is performed etc.

13. What are the different means of Kainkaryam or service towards the Mahayaga?

Rama Parayana, dance-drama, skit, rangoli, cartoon, art, painting, Rama temple, Bhajans, Namasankeerthana,Mehandi art, Tatoos, Thermocol artwork, etc could be mailed to [email protected]

14. For updates

Log onto app to know how many have registered, how many have performed, where is the yatra now, live updates and live relay on social media platforms.

15. How to perform regular Pooja?

On receiving the box, choose a good date and time to install in your pooja room. You can use the box as it is, if you have a spacious pooja room, or place it on a peetam by arranging the content on a bronze/silver plate. Decorate it with flowers, chant Rama Mantras, render your prayers to the rivers and Sri Rama Padukas, with a prasadam as offering.

16. How and where to donate?

Contributions to the success of Mahaabyan could be made to the below Bank account, and the reference may be please sent to [email protected]

ACCOUNT NO. 058221010000016
13. 80G benefits

ABDTS4355GE20211 ABDTS4355GF2022701

14. How are the Mahaprasadam Miniature packed for the devotees who wish to have it at their home and continue to perform Pooja?

The collected river water is received with reverence at our office, to pack in the designated boxes. A prayer is performed for shuddhikaran and to fill the vibrations. Then it is sent to people who have booked. Utmost care in packing, and despatch is taken.

15. Voice of the Devotees for the Rama Kainkaryam Blog

People can write to us to [email protected] email id, and share their spiritual experiences about Lord Sri Ram, the values which influences them, a write up about the places connected with Rama, Stories connected with Rama, Roots of Rama, Progeny of Rama etc.

16. For Update

Day to day updates will be given on wwwmore details log onto https://sriramamritatarangini.com/