'Sri Ramamrita Tarangini' is a Sankalpam of Sri Ramamrita Tarangini Trust to enable all families of Bharatha Kande to be a part of the celebrations of Lord Sri Rama's Janmabhoomi Temple through their remote presence but yet have the nearness to Lord through their prayers to the Maha Prasadam conceptualized and blessed by Jagadgurus of the Sringeri Temple as a journey of 16 rivers and their sand titled "Sri Ramarutha Tarangini''- a Maha Prasadam of the punya theerthas and their sand with Lord Sri Rama Paduka. It is designed to get the prayers and Poojas of one crore families and more by traveling to their homes to spread positivity and spread The Greatness of Lord Sri Rama, for humanity to learn to lead lives on His values .

Like Bharatha reigned on behalf of Lord Rama by having his symbolic padukas, we at the Trust, have symbolised the prayers of the masses to reach as Tarangini through the chant of Rama taraka mantras to reach the abode of the Lord's Janmabhoomi, to culminate as Mahayagya performed by the Trust with the symbolic representation of the pooja conducted by the masses to the Mahaprasadam "Sri Ramamrita Tarangini"-A Maha Sangama of Divine Rivers" in the temple premises of Rama Janmabhoomi Temple with abhisheka, aradhana of the Lord with the holy waters and the sand offered at the yaga kunda and the idols taken by the Trust.The punya theertham for the Lord's abhyanjana and the holy soil to rest upon is offered to the specially designed statues for the occasion.

Thus a Sankalpam manifests as Mahasankalpam.

We call upon the people to volunteer for spreading the cause of Sarvam Ramamayam by registering their names through the app developed for this purpose and invite the Maha Abhiyan to reach your home or work place to receive all your Poojas and prayers to continue towards its onward journey to reach its rightful place.

A miniature of the Maha Abhiyan as a symbol of your prayers offered to the Lord is available for sale to install in your pooja room to offer your daily Pooja.